Have you ever wanted to design a game?

The project partners have worked hard. They have thought about which mini serious games can support teaching and are innovative at the same time. The results are fantastic!

We have collected the results on the Miro Board. Have a look.


Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the games.

The next step is to select our games together.

I’ll keep you posted and stay playful.

The IDEAL GAME project steps into the next project activities!

Dear IDEAL GAME readers,

Our planning for the 2nd TPM is in full swing. We will provide you detailed information concerning the next meeting soon.

For all those interested, the 1st IDEAL-GAME online article is now available for download. It sums up the project objectives as well as the project results (Intellectual Outputs). Check it out soon.

We look forward to seeing you again.

IO1 – Current project status

First of all, the IDEAL GAME team would like to convey to you and your families the best wishes for health, happiness and success in 2021!

We are back from the winter break and the team is in the middle of the the working process of the field-based and desk-based research (IO1). The documents concerning IO1 are now online and can be downloaded under the tab Deliverables.

Christmas wishes

Dear readers of the IDEAL GAME website,

the IDEAL GAME project team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Our project is growing and prospering and we will be back with information for you in the coming year.

We wish you a nice time and enjoy this special time of the year.

Merry Christmas!

IDEAL GAME Kick-Off Meeting successfully finished

The IDEAL GAME Kick-Off Meeting was concucted between 8th to 10th of December 2020. Due to the Corona Pandemic the Kick-Off took place online via Zoom. Nevertheless, we had a great time with productive discussions and excellent results.

The meeting familiarised the partners with core aspects of the IDEAL GAME project. The aims and objectives of IDEAL GAME and the idea of the seroius game approach were discussed. The IOs and the structure of the project were presented and the partners discussed ideas and the future work. The work plan was established and the importance of dissemination was emphasised. The financial and administrative structure of the project and its reporting was addressed and discussed. The project team is looking forward to further project activities!

First IDEAL-GAME Conference successfully started on 08-12-2020

Today, the partners of the IDEAL-GAME project meet online and discuss the project, it´s aims and the use of its results in higher edcation. The IDEAL-GAME project is an ERASMUS+ project and the international coorperation is a core aspect.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, has to take place in an online setting.
The partners presented their instituations and ideas and agreed on tasks, project management activities as well as dissemination and the work on the Intellectual Outputs (IOs) in the project.
All partners were happy and very interested in developping an innovative serious game approach with the Online Serious Game Creator.

Welcome to the website of the IDEAL GAME project

The IDEAL GAME project is an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership in the field of Higher Education.
Our project started on the 1st of September 2020 and will end on 31.12.2022.
We are happy to introduce you with this website to our project and its results. Moreover, we would be happy if you will contact and discuss with us about the use of Serious Games in higher education.
The reference number of this ERASMUS+ project is: